Mayhem EP

by Britney's Tears

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released August 23, 2015



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Britney's Tears Paderborn, Germany

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Track Name: Mayhem
The distance in your view
tells me everything about you
Your worldview is disturbed
The jeering smile in your face
fills my thoughts with rage
no one can save you anymore
The wrath of those ones you despised
will beat you like a sock in the eye
The wrath of those ones you tried to erase
will beat you like a slap in your face
You scum, you fuck
You're my aim, you'll never laugh again
The rest of your life is filled with pain
There is no hope and no escape
You'll pay the price
which is your decay
Track Name: Able Archer
Regarding to the facts it seems to be so clear
Regarding to the facts I know who to fear
I ask myself 'what if all is a lie'
And what seems right is wrong and what seems wrong is right
Several perspectives are meaningless with a tunnel view
I know nothing about world's change, I know nothing about you
Mindcuffs on my eyes obscure my fucking senses
The dirt in my ears destroys my perception
I don't care, Lie to me.
Track Name: Soulseller
An abundance of tasks implies a shortage of life
I can't see the stars in the cloudy sky
These dark nights make me cry
for what I want, I'll never stop
My biggest aim is the ability to pay
for pricy products in every case
I own, therefore I am
and I have to purchase
My inner values suck like shit
but I earn respect 'cause I can pay for it
You want to be a cool dude like me
I give a hint, buy and be hip
Be alphawolf of the pack
prestige on a stack, invoices are unlimited
Infinite, like the void in my brain
It's my urge and greedily I proclaim:
Consume - pimp up your life
Consume - for stars and stripes
With achievements of affluent's society
which make you feel yourself entirely
Track Name: Salamander's Quest
There is a salamander which has to remove its skin
but it ain't able to seperate from it
Its desire is rejected
a massive rock is blocking its path
Conquering itself seems to be the solution
easier said than done
It plucks up its courage to achieve its aim